Time to propose sessions for THATCamp Jewish Studies

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday at  THATCamp Jewish Studies! Please come to the Public Garden room at the Boston Sheraton at about 8:30am to pick up your badge and to take a look at everyone’s session proposals. We’ll all work together to set the day’s agenda starting at 9am.

And speaking of session proposals, why not submit your own? From now till THATCamp Jewish Studies begins, you can propose one or more session ideas by logging in to the site and posting your idea(s) as a blog post by clicking Posts –> Add New, writing out your idea, then clicking “Publish” on the right to publish to the site. (Click “Lost your password?” on the login page if you’ve lost your password.) See jewishstudies2013.thatcamp.org/propose/ for more information about how and what you might propose, not to mention a little bit of explanation about why things work this way at THATCamp. People are already posting their ideas — I’ve proposed a workshop on Omeka, and Roni Shweka has proposed a discussion of the Citizen Science project to put together the Cairo Genizah fragments. There will likely be time for you to propose a session on Sunday morning, as well, in true unconference style.

Write me at gro.p1521544798macta1521544798ht@of1521544798ni1521544798 with any questions, and follow @THATCamp and the #thatcamp hashtag on Twitter to see what’s going on at other THATCamps around the world. Hope you find THATCamp fun, productive, and collegial.